Love Like A Samaritan

Pastor Rachael Rodriguez- Love Like A Samaritan

Let’s dress ourselves in love. We must be different from the world; otherwise, people will look at us and wonder why they could become “Christians” if they can just remain in the world.

LUKE 10:25-37 (The Good Samaritan)

An expert of the law tries to trap Jesus in a contradiction, and he asked how one can achieve everlasting life, but Jesus put the question back in him. The scholar recites the law, but fails to understand who his “neighbor” is, and looking to justify himself, asks who his neighbor is. Jesus aptly responded with a parable.


Jerusalem was on a hill, and Jericho was in valley. They were about 19 miles apart, and the route between them was called The Bloody Way. There were thieves on the path and stole from a journeyman.

A priest of the line of Aaron, who was called to look after the people and minister, passes by and avoids him. A Levite who helped in the temple passes close by (unlike the priest) and carries along.

A Samaritan (considered lesser than because of their mixed Jewish-Gentile heritage) and was moved to mercy; he approached the man, bandaged his wounds, poured oil and wine on him, put him on his beast, took him to the inn, stayed overnight, paid 2 days’ wages and opened up a tab for additional expenses! This Samaritan put his love into action and applied the law.

The interpreter of the Law can’t even say that he Samaritan did well. He says that the neighbor is the person who showed mercy. Jesus tells him to go and do likewise.

LEVITICUS 19:17-19

Enemy is looking for opportunities to make us stumble, and we cannot give him opportunities. He is will use our human weakness to put us against each other, sowing conflict among us.

  1. Love is something you feel, but it must be something you show. we can’t just say we know the word. Your neighbor isn’t just people you like.
  2. Salvation and eternal life don’t come from how much you know or how rich you are. The scholar wanted eternal life, but he failed to recognize that jesus was the answer to his question.
  3. Nowadays we use the phrase “Good Samaritan” to refer to those do good for others, but Jesus is the ultimate Good Samaritan. He found us wounded and helpless, healed us, brought us to safety, paid for our sins in full and asked nothing in return.

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